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Disabled American Veterans

About Us

This is who we are

We are a group of eight Green Industry professionals from every segment of the industry, who have joined together to help others in this business refine, grow and become more knowledgeable and more profitable.

Collectively we have more than three hundred years of experience growing golf turf, sports turf, lawns and parks in warm season climates. We are Horticulturalists, Business Managers, Researchers, Professors, Certified Arborists, Certified Pest Control Operators, Consultants and Writers along the way.

Our process

We start with a face to face no charge visit to learn you business and discuss how we can help. Never a charge to your company.

How we help you


Free Consulting

“Ask Turf and Pest Consulting” we will answer your questions. We offer free consulting to help Green Industry Companies become more profitable.


Expert Staff

that can guide any segment of the Green Industry to being a leader in their market place.


Experienced and competent

with any size business in this Industry from the smallest one man company to nationals.


Warm season TurfGrass specialists

limiting ourselves to the peninsula of Florida at this time.


We are focused

on creating a value proposition to allow you to sell more at a higher price.


Learning your company

We do this by learning your company, working directly with you to focus on areas of concern and guaranteeing results.

Our Service Programs

Depending on the scope of their needs, our customers can choose from four levels of service.

Free Service

Green Industry Companies


We will answer your Online Turf or Pest



No charge


Silver Service

Basic plan


No charge face to face meeting


Improved Guaranteed results


We work until goals are met


Gold Plan

Mainline Consulting Program


No charge face to face meeting


Determine areas to improve


We work until goals are met


Platinum Commitment

Long term agreement


No charge face to face meeting


Work directly with key personel


We work until goals are met


There is a 10% discount for payment in advance on all Consulting programs.

We also can devlop a Retainer Fee structure, then we are at your service as you need us on disounted terms.


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